Natasha Shearer: Creating a culture of wellbeing

BMW [winner of the Grand Prix at the Employee Benefits Awards] is an encouraging example of how an organisation can take a proactive approach to managing health and wellbeing at work.

Implementing this type of support service, where employees can discuss both personal and work problems, will be of huge benefit to the organisation, because it is often the case that employees feel vulnerable in disclosing that they are feeling stressed because of the perceived stigma attached to any mental health problem and for fear of discrimination.  

The astounding cost of work-related stress to the economy reached £6.5 billion last year, demonstrating how prevalent an issue stress in the workplace is in the UK. Staff are often the organisation’s biggest asset, therefore it is in the interest of the organisation to have a motivated and healthy workforce. 

Creating a culture of wellbeing within an organisation is more likely to result in enhanced individual, team and organisational performance. If staff can access good-quality support, whether internal or external, this is likely to impact positively on their morale and overall commitment to the organisation.

Having senior managers in post who are trained to spot the early signs of stress and to identify any changes in an employee’s behaviour will certainly contribute to the successful management of stress in the workplace.

Natasha Shearer is the founder of Workplace Stress Solutions