Jelf Employee Benefits: Most employers are not prepared for auto-enrolment

Most employers (71%) are not yet prepared for auto-enrolling employees into workplace pensions, according to research by Jelf Employee Benefits.

The provider suggests that these organisations should consider incorporating their employer brand into their pension and benefits planning ahead of the 2012 pension reforms. 

The firm reasons that, post-2017 when occupational pensions are available to all as a legal right, employers and the benefits industry will need to focus on using the employer’s brand as a way to demonstrate and better communicate the value of benefits packages to existing and potential employees.

Steve Herbert, head of benefits strategy for Jelf Employee Benefits, said: “It has been generally accepted for some time that a benefits package which is reinforced with the employer’s brand can often be perceived as being better quality, and therefore will ultimately be more valued by employees.

“For some years the very largest employers have used brand in this way, and we now expect many smaller organisations to follow suit and use the psychology of brand to promote one organisation over another.

“We believe that this should be part of most employers thinking as benefit packages are redesigned to incorporate the impact of pension legislation over the coming years. We urge employers to start looking at this now to get ahead of the game.”

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