Big-ticket benefits for SMEs

This article has been supplied by our channel sponsor, PeopleValue.

PeopleValue has launched a new initiative to offer its Advantage6 voluntary employee benefits platform to UK SMEs. Advantage6 provides employees with a wide range of benefits including household savings at more than 7,000 retailers and important advice on physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. Designed to save money and address the work-life balance, Advantage6 provides employers with an inexpensive solution to help and motivate their employees.

Advantage6 represents the culmination of 18 months’ work following an extensive review of the voluntary benefits market. The initiative will provide employees of smaller organisations with benefits commonly enjoyed by larger UK enterprises.

‘Advantage6 has set a new benchmark for our industry,’ comments Mike Morgan, chief executive officer of PeopleValue. ‘While it is common for our competitors to focus on offering voluntary benefits to larger organisations, smaller businesses in the UK are often overlooked.

‘This initiative not only provides the best solution available in the market but makes it affordable and accessible for smaller businesses. SME business owners are coming under more pressure to increase wages as the economy starts to recover. Combining a modest pay rise with Advantage6 provides a real boost to employees’ income without breaking the bank. More than half of the working population of the UK are employed by SMEs.’

The initiative to provide Advantage6 to SMEs is being managed by PeopleValue’s new SME business director Mike Beech, who has detailed knowledge of this sector and understands the pressures that businesses are under to keep their employees engaged and, at the same time, to manage their costs.

For anyone interested in finding more information out, please call Mike Beech on 07855 494437 or [email protected]