1,000 ducklings end pay dispute

Something for the weekend…


As strikes loom for teachers and rail workers over pay disputes, one way to avoid such hassle could be to hatch an unusual revenge plot.

Unions take note.

In China, one disgruntled employee Chiu Xiang sent more than 1,000 ducklings to his former employer, Hung Bin, in a dispute over his wages.

The 60-year-old worked for Bin’s organisation for three years and claimed he was owed £300 in unpaid wages after quitting his job last year.

The plan was to drive Hung Bin quackers and make him pay for the ducklings upon their arrival.

However, his master plan backfired when police were called to Bin’s home,when he refused to pay the delivery costs.

The ducklings were eventually taken away after Xiang agreed to pay the delivery costs.

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However, he has been promised a negotiated pay settlement with the local labour authorities.

Perhaps if this unusual treatment worked, employment tribunals might see a reduction in the number of pay dispute cases.