How to motivate a hybrid workforce

By Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Culture and Engagement at Reward Gateway

What would you say if I told you that employee engagement is not the end game? I know, I know, we’re ‘the employee engagement people,’ but stay with me. One thing we know for certain is that every employee – even the highly engaged ambassador – has their bad days. Peaks and troughs are normal for any team, and it’s the job of managers to find ways to sustain momentum and help their people manage and maintain their motivation. The goal for any organisation is to make sure that even when employees are feeling distracted or (gasp!) disengaged while they weather a storm, they have what it takes to bounce back.

Sustained, smart employee engagement is about finding a balance and ensuring there are systems in place for our people to refuel and recharge while they’re on the journey.

This is increasingly important if our team is working remotely or adopts a hybrid working model. If we aren’t intentional about how we motivate our hybrid teams, the increase in flexibility and fluidity can easily lead to inconsistency and invisibility.

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