How to love your employees this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is, of course, the day of love. Although we very much believe in showing your employees love the whole year round, why not choose now to make a start and show your colleagues just how much you care. After all, they are the ones who are working hard for your company, day-in, day-out, all throughout the year.

Employee recognition is absolutely critical to achieving higher levels of employee engagement. Positive reinforcement can lead to boosted morale, higher motivation and a team reaching its goals and producing incredible results. But more than half of employees say they don’t feel that their boss does enough to show appreciation.

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So how can you get the message across to your workers this Valentine’s Day, and help boost engagement? If you are looking for some inspiration, you’re in luck. We’ve got some ideas that will have “Work Cupid” knocking at your office door!

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