How Can You Help During Men’s Mental Health Week?

Men’s Mental Health Week is 12-18th June 2023. (T.W.: Suicide)

Tackling the stigma around men’s mental health and psychological stress has been an uphill battle over the past decade however, it seems we may be reaching a peak.

As a nation, we are becoming more aware of the troubling mental health issues that men face; however, with 40% of men unwilling to talk about their mental health (1), for many, their psychological stress builds to an altogether tragic conclusion.

Suicide has been named the biggest killer of men under 45, with 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK being men (1).

Various celebrities have gotten involved in reducing the stigma around men’s mental health and speaking out to raise awareness of the fact that most men do carry the weight of psychological stress. For example, British musician Stormzy spoke about how people from poorer backgrounds are twice as likely to suffer from depression (2), with black people being more likely to face this.

29% of men who hadn’t reached out for help said that the feeling of being ‘too embarrassed’ stopped them (2). No one should feel embarrassed to speak their truth and discuss their psychological stress with someone who may be able to help.

Combatting the image that, to be a man, you must be resilient, unwithering, and never let your guard down is a challenging task. However, Generation Z and Millenials are proving to be more accepting and encouraging, potentially wielding the ability to knock down the walls built high by previous generations.

The message is clear: There is bravery in being vulnerable.

Many men’s health charities have been set up to tackle the stigma and help men facing problems with their mental health. For example, Andys Man Club is a suicide prevention charity which assists with support groups to empower men and their mental health through conversation (4).

Movember, which encourages men to grow their moustaches throughout November to raise awareness of men’s health, advertises a valuable model we can all follow to support others (3):


A – Ask

Ask how they’ve been feeling. Mention if you’ve noticed any changes, if they’ve been quieter than usual or not wanted to hang out or meet up.

L – Listen

Give them your full attention. They might not be looking for a solution or answer, just validation of how they feel.

E – Encourage Action

Try to help them think of simple things they could do to improve their mood, such as getting enough sleep and eating proper meals.

C – Check In

Suggest another meeting soon, or if you’re both busy, a short call or text can be enough. This will help you gauge if they’re feeling better.

Using the ALEC model (3) is an excellent place to start if you’ve got a friend who seems to be struggling.

How Can I Help as an Employer?

Considering your people’s mental health and checking in with them is crucial in a healthy work environment. Looking after employee wellbeing can ultimately improve productivity and morale, creating a positive workplace to benefit staff and customers.

There are plenty of ways to support your employees’ mental health. Allowing a few ‘wellness days’ per year is an excellent way to show you care about the wellbeing of your people and gives them a chance to reduce psychological stress.

Another option is to implement an Employee Assistance Programme into your business to give your employees the support they may need when they need it.

Creating an environment where employees can feel comfortable talking about their mental health is a great place to start; however, an EAP gives them a space to speak confidentially to someone with an outside perspective.

At Each Person, we have recently introduced an EAP to guide businesses in supporting their people’s mental wellbeing with various beneficial features, including:

Confidential 24/7 counselling

Over the phone, online or face-to-face support

Six face-to-face counselling sessions if referred by the 24/7 helpline

Financial advice

Conflict and incident management support

By implementing an EAP with Each Person, you can notice a 60% reduction in depression and low mood, a 35% reduction in workplace stress, and a 45% reduction in absenteeism. You will also positively impact the commitment, performance, and retention of your employees.

Everyone has an individual preference for receiving support with their psychological stress and mental health therefore, introducing an EAP gives them the choice of when and how they receive help.

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