House of Townend pops top on Prosecco taster opportunity

Pink Prosecco looking for applicants to taste test new product

Something for the weekend: Yorkshire-based wine merchant House of Townend has started the search for a dedicated Prosecco taster to join its team on a fixed one-month contract.

The business originally uncorked the role last year, and having bubbled over with applications from aficionados, decided to reopen the position once again in 2022.

House of Townend has asked for applicants to demonstrate a passion for wine of all kinds, with a minimum of 50 bottles of real experience in the art and language of tasting, and someone who is unaffected by wine headaches.

In their new role, the successful applicant will be expected to sample a range of the merchant’s finest Prosecco and sparkling wines, provide detailed feedback, including mouthfeel, aromas, taste, texture and length, and suggest areas for improvement.

The person with the perfect potential Prosecco palate will be chosen on 1 September, and will receive six bottles to kick off their tasting adventure. The successful candidate can continue their other working commitments during the month-long role.

Here at Employee Benefits, this role sounds like the perfect pour for anyone with refined tastes and experience with a cool glass of bubbles. We will certainly raise a glass to the lucky candidate who gets to put their tastebuds to the test!