Podcast: The gender pensions gap

The gender pensions gap

Taking insights from our recent UK Employee Benefits Watch research, we’ve launched the industry’s first and only podcast series. Our experts discuss how to manage a market-leading benefits programme.

Are you aware that the pension savings gap between men and women in the UK currently stands at a staggering 40%?

The gender pensions gap is a very real issue. It’s time to take a deep dive into what the gender pensions gap is all about, and what you as an employer can do to address it.

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Listen to this podcast to discover:

  • What the gender pensions gap is and how employers are expected to report it in line with gender equality legislation
  • The factors that contribute to it, such as taking career breaks to look after family and being risk averse
  • How to use data to understand your current gender pensions gap
  • What you can do as an employer to address this issue, with real life tools and communication methods

Listen to The gender pensions gap