EXCLUSIVE: Fujitsu to discuss prioritising the gender pay gap at EB Reset 2020

Fujitsu to discuss prioritising gender pay gap figures at EB Reset 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Karen Thomson, diversity and inclusion lead at Fujitsu UK and Ireland, will discuss closing the gender pay gap and the benefits it brings at Employee Benefits Reset 2020.

The session titled ‘Gender pay: keeping gaps closed in times of flux‘ will take place on 7 October at 2.30 pm in the first-ever Employee Benefits online series of keynotes, how-to and strategy sessions, which will run from 5 – 16 October.

Thomson will discuss the difference between gender pay and equal pay, and will assess the tools that every employer needs to prioritise these gaps in times on uncertainty. Fujitsu has successfully reduced its mean gender pay gap from 15.6% to 11.6%, in the fourth year of publishing its gender pay gap figures.

Thomson will also explain how employers can avoid stagnation and going backwards during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, and how imperative it is for employers to understand their data to make informed decisions and form action plans.

She explained: “Pay gaps are here to say, we have the gender pay gap at the moment and will no doubt be getting an ethnicity pay gap that will highlight the need for other pay gap [reporting]. Having the focus now on gender pay gaps and getting it right will support employers in the future as a blueprint.

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“Employers that are genuine and transparent around their gender pay gap figures will resonate well with employees. [Fujitsu] has set up a big vision to eradicate the gender pay gap so it is a key agenda in our inclusion strategy. We have gone from a 17.9% gap in 2017 to 11.6% this year so through that journey we have managed to keep that focus in reducing that gender pay gap and have reaped the benefits of doing so.”

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