Expert Advice to Help Your Employee’s Financial Wellbeing

Our founder Matt Norbury joined forces with experts to discuss how companies can look after their employees’ financial wellbeing on a budget. With help from London HR Connection, our panel included:

Wendy Dignan: renowned psychologist and mental health expert
Chris Houry: a chartered accountant and leading finance director
Lindsay Bruce: recruitment manager at Sykes, a global leader in outsourcing
Matt Norbury: founder and CEO of Each Person

Financial Wellbeing Crisis

With 17 million UK adults having less than £100 in the bank and 50% of UK employees running out of pay before payday due to the monthly pay cycle, it’s evident employers must do something to help their people. In fact, 70% of employees are looking for support from their employer to improve their financial resilience.

A common misconception in 2022 is that much of this financial hardship is a direct result of the pandemic, which simply is not the case, as Matt Norbury discusses. Norbury shows that statistics like those above predate COVID and the pandemic simply acted as a catalyst rather than the reason.

Boosting The Employee Proposition on a Budget

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If you missed our webinar ‘Boosting The Employee Proposition on a Budget’, you can watch the best bits by following the link below. Additionally, we’ve compiled the key takeaways in the article to help you help your employee’s financial wellbeing.

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