EXCLUSIVE: Visionable launches financial wellbeing app

visionableEXCLUSIVE: Software firm Visionable has introduced app-based financial wellbeing support for its 43 members of staff as of this month.

The financial wellbeing platform, by Bippit, provides professionally qualified financial coaches matched to staff needs. Employees answer questions about their concerns or needs, and based on that information, they are connected with a Bippit financial coach to help track and achieve their goals, plan for the future, and analyse their spending.

Users can access personalised resources to improve their financial confidence and organise their future, as well as interactive wellbeing workshops run by the coaches on a monthly basis.

All resources were created by financial experts to be relevant, targeted and easy to understand, as well as providing a confidential environment.

According to Visionable, it launched the app in order to give employees direct contact with an independent financial adviser instead of just generic webinars, with no cross-selling of products or commission-based advice.

Elaine Fleat, head of people and culture at Visionable, said: “We feel this is particularly important following recent surges in inflation, which have caused a cost-of-living crisis globally. We know that employees’ wellbeing has a direct impact on their ability to do their jobs, as well as having a wider impact on their personal lives.

“We aim to provide our employees with resources to help them manage their own wellbeing and remain healthy. We already offer physical and emotional wellbeing support to employees, so adding financial wellbeing is a natural next step.”