Exclusive: Plane Saver Credit Union rolls out health and wellbeing benefits for staff

Plane Saver Credit Union has introduced a range of lifestyle, health and wellbeing benefits for its 36 employees.

Through a partnership with Vivup, the credit union’s employees will be able to access an online GP for proactive wellbeing and preventative services, 24/7 support and information through health management platform Your Care Wellbeing, and expert advice on issues such as debt, menopause, smoking cessation, and domestic abuse.

Employees will also have access to counsellors, secondary mental health support with clinicians, dedicated menopause support, and an early intervention, self-service and proactive wellness platform that includes assessments, recommendations and signposting to suitable treatment.

In addition, staff will be able to access a range of retail discounts using discounted e-gift cards, physical gift cards, discount codes, savings on everyday essentials such as grocery shopping and leisure activities.

Plane Saver introduced the benedfits in order to help alleviate the cost of living burden for its employees and support their social, mental, physical, spiritual and financial health and wellbeing.

Rachel Downing, head of marketing and business development at Plane Saver Credit Union, said: “Everyone in the UK is dealing with the rise in living costs. We are supporting our members and employees with a full range of health and wellbeing benefits, which is core to our values of decency, dignity and inclusivity.”