Bupa Global and UK introduces health benefits for 15,000 frontline staff

BupaBupa Global and UK has launched a primary care health support package for its 15,000 frontline UK employees, working in Bupa care homes and dental practices.

The MyHealthcare benefits package was launched as part of the health insurance provider’s global ambition to enhance health benefits for all of its employees. It is available from day one of employment for permanent staff and is cost-free due to the tax benefit being paid on their behalf, so as to not impact their take-home pay.

The benefits include access to medical services, assistance with muscle, bone and joint conditions, and wellbeing support, with further benefits to be rolled out during the year. They were designed in response to feedback from Bupa’s frontline teams on the services that they would most value.

According to the employer, this was the first phase of its global wellbeing programme Bupa Viva, which focuses on mental, physical, financial, social and environmental wellbeing. The programme’s aim is to enhance health benefits and medical cover for employees worldwide throughout 2023.

Tom Hoosen-Webber, chief people and procurement officer at Bupa Global and UK, said: “At Bupa, people are at the heart of our business and we want to keep them healthy and happy in their roles. We are proud to deliver the highest quality medical care to our patients, residents and customers, and we want our hardworking teams to have access to this same high-quality care.

“Staff now have health benefits that meet their needs without the financial burden and have access to medical support in a flexible way. We are proud to be an employer of choice and want people to come and grow their careers with Bupa. We continue to listen to our people and want them to know they are valued and cared for, while they are caring for our customers.”