EXCLUSIVE: 64% of organisations offer on-site benefits to employees

EXCLUSIVE: 64% of organisations offer on-site benefits to employees

Two-thirds (64%) of employers offer on-site benefits to its employees, with more than a third (39%) providing on-site showers or laundry services.

The Employee Benefits research 2020, published in May 2020, which surveyed 269 HR decision-makers, also found that this fits with a recurring theme in recent years, whereby the trend among respondents is to provide on-site services that support a proactive approach to staff wellbeing.

Mindfulness, yoga or meditation sessions and on-site fitness classes or facilities also remain popular, offered by 23% and 20% of respondents respectively. There has been a slight fall in the proportion of respondents offering both years on year, however.

Car parking remains the top car-related benefit offered by respondents; this year 29% offer it as a core benefit for all staff, while 18% do so for some employees.

This marks a change from previous years when a higher proportion of respondents only offered this to some of their workforce. Car allowances also remain popular with half of respondents offering these as a core benefit to some staff. Over the years, this has typically leapfrogged with car parking to take top position.

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