Each Person Announces a New Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Each Person Partners with Care First to Provide an Unbeatable Employee Wellbeing Solution to Clients Across the UK!

Each Person has partnered with Care First to offer its employers the chance to give their people a first-class Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Support your people when they need it most. From personal to workplace issues affecting their performance, mental, physical, and financial health, the personalised services will mean that your team can receive the care they deserve.

Joining Each Person offers employees 24/7 confidential counselling online, over the phone or face-to-face for 25p per employee per month. If referred by the 24/7 helpline, six face-to-face counselling sessions will be available per employee. The EAP also provides support and advice on money management, conflict, and any other challenging areas of life.

Why is Each Person’s rewards and recognition scheme launching an EAP?

Supporting your people’s needs and wellbeing is more important than ever, with ‘1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace’ (1). Reward, recognition and employee wellbeing go hand-in-hand, resulting in improved retention and engagement. Each Person’s mission is to enhance these outcomes as well as employee performance, customer satisfaction, and more.

Matt Norbury, CEO at Each Person, said, “At Each Person, we understand the impact of receiving support when you need it, and with growing waiting lists and the current cost of living crisis, this can be more challenging than it should be. I am passionate about building an environment where people can feel safe, secure and supported; therefore, an EAP is a great addition to our platform, nurturing employees’ financial and emotional needs. You must adapt to retain talent and keep your people happy as an employer. Due to the economic climate and cost of living crisis, it is essential to achieve this cost-effectively. Introducing an affordable EAP to the Each Person platform allows employers to show they care about the wellbeing of their people and are taking active steps to reduce workplace stress.”

Adding Value to Your Company and People

Helping your people with personal or workplace issues that could impact their daily life, performance, or mental wellbeing massively adds value to your business by allowing your people to feel cared for and valued. Care First data states that introducing an EAP into your workplace influences a 60% reduction in depression and low mood, a 35% reduction in workplace stress and a 45% reduction in absenteeism in the workplace.

Aid the wellbeing of your people with 24/7 online, phone, or face-to-face support and advice on any areas of life that may be challenging to improve employee performance and retention.

Leanne Sinclair, Head of Operations at Each Person: “Since implementing the EAP into our company, the benefits are clear with improved productivity in our staff and overall morale in the office. The Each Person EAP is an essential tool to benefit the wellbeing of employees, not to mention cost-effective in today’s climate.”

Polly Feeney, Marketing Executive at Each Person: “Receiving support from the advisers at the helpline has helped relieve some of the workplace stress I was experiencing, and I have built confidence in reaching out when I need help. I’ve noticed an improvement in my focus and mood at work as I’m not so stressed.”

“The flexibility of the 24/7 service has allowed me to take care of my mental health at a time that suits me. Working a full day and coming home to cook dinner, tidy up and do other house chores, I often find it difficult to make time to work on my mental health. Being able to choose when and how I want to access support has given me the freedom I needed for my busy lifestyle.”

The Each Person EAP is an essential tool to benefit the wellbeing of employees” – Leanne Sinclair

Each Person’s Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme

Each Person enables companies to look after their people and the planet. Offering ‘in the moment’ thank yous, encouraging healthy spending habits through the Each Person shop, and even the ability to fund eco-projects.

Employees want to be recognised, not only for the job they do but for who they are as people. At Each Person, it’s simple to show people how valued they are for their hard work and commitment while saving them money.

With the introduction of an EAP to the Each Person platform, by signing up, you will now have the opportunity to provide your employees with mental and physical support for as little as 25p per employee per month.

We look forward to seeing your people and company grow with the Each Person EAP!

Care First

Care First is leading in Employee Assistance Solutions with a variety of high-quality services and resources to help managers look after their teams’ mental and physical wellbeing. Ranging from EAPs with 24-hour support to critical incident support, Care First aims to improve employee performance, staff retention, and customer satisfaction.

To learn more, visit: https://www.care-first.co.uk/


For additional information, please contact Ella Wyatt, Head of Marketing, at e.wyatt@eachperson.com, Alex Crump, PR & Marketing Coordinator, at [email protected], or Ewan Gander, Business Sales Executive at e.gander@eachperson.com.

About Each Person

We have a solution for you if you’re interested in exploring ways to help your team’s financial and mental
well-being. We power an unparalleled employee savings program with our market-leading employee recognition platform and eco-points.

Each Person is leading the way in employee recognition and rewards, doing more for you, your people, and the planet.

This is totally unique in the market and includes:

● The highest cashback levels available
● Savings across all areas of employee spend plus now their car diesel
● Effortlessly support eco-projects
● Ecards, nominations, automated long service and much more

Each Person enables your people to create healthy financial habits to help with unexpected costs. What’s more, we help employers tackle climate change through our partnership with Carbon Footprint and our Eco-points. We even increase your reward budget by 10% every time.

An easy-to-use and automated system, Each Person is designed to help businesses retain and attract talent in an increasingly competitive world of workplace cultures all while being committed to tackling climate change at the same time.

Each Person helps HR teams create and sustain a culture of valued, motivated, and engaged employees through ‘in the moment’ recognition and rewards. Powered by our rewards currency Epoints, employees also gain access to the market’s broadest range of rewards with thousands of popular brands, deals, and discounts with the highest cashback available.

We are proud to be supporting clients such as BUPA, NHS, American Golf, and Virgin Active.

>>Top 5 Employee Solutions Provider – HR Tech Outlook 2022

To find out more, visit us at http://www.eachperson.com today!

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1. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/explore-mental-health/mental-healthstatistics/mental-hea lthworkstatistics#:~:text=Working%20conditions%20and%20environment%20can,in%20the%20workplace%20(14.7%25)