DWF rolls out menopause support policy

DWFIntegrated legal and business services provider DWF has launched a menopause support policy as part of its commitment to normalise conversations on the topic.

The initiative includes information on what the menopause is, how it can impact individuals in the workplace and details of support available, such as an employee assistance programme, menopause group and workplace adjustments information.

The policy was created in collaboration with 10 volunteers from DWF’s menopause group, members of its LGBT+ employee network, and external diversity and inclusion partners to ensure that it is effective in supporting those experiencing symptoms, it incorporates best practice and it is inclusive of all gender identities. In addition, the provider has also created a manager’s guide providing advice on how to start discussions about the condition in the workplace and support employees.

In order to assist those in need, DWF has already created a menopause hub on its intranet as a central point for support resources, hosted regular webinars and coffee and chat sessions, and introduced a menopause plan as part of its employee benefits programme.

It has also signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge and recently created a menopause action plan, in which it has implemented additional employee benefits related to the condition, launched a feedback channel where staff can request additional support, and created more content to assist managers with conversations.

Sir Nigel Knowles, chief executive officer at DWF Group, said: “We understand that for some colleagues menopause can present a number of challenges that can impact work life and personal life. Through the actions we have taken we hope to raise awareness of menopause as a workplace issue, make it easier for impacted individuals to access support and assist colleagues in helping one another by encouraging open discussions across the business.”

Tamsin McCarthy, global diversity and inclusion manager at DWF, added: “I am so proud of the work DWF and its staff are undertaking to support menopause in the workplace and create an open environment where colleagues can, where necessary, seek the support that is right for them.”