Diaverum to amplify global staff menopause policy

Global renal care provider Diaverum has pledged to offer its staff dedicated menopause support by becoming a founding partner of GenM.

Diaverum, which is headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, joins household names and brands such as Marks and Spencer and Holland and Barrett to become one of almost 50 GenM founding partners that are committed to improving the menopause experience through a series of actions.

These include better representation of the menopause in workplace policies, products and services, marketing campaigns, and conversations across society.

GenM’s aim is to unite responsible brands and organisations in order to improve the menopause experience, encourage conversations, and support under-served menopausal employees.

Diaverum employs 528 members of staff in the UK and around 14,000 across 24 countries, of which more than 73% are female, putting it in an ideal position to make a positive impact on a global scale. It will use GenM as a platform to amplify the conversation across the countries in which it operates, where menopause continues to be a taboo topic.

Furthermore, its aim with this collaboration, which it signed up to last Thursday (3 March), is to raise awareness around menopause by incorporating it into its annual wellbeing programme, with activities spanning across social, mental, intellectual and physical aspects. The goal is that this will normalise communication regarding the condition.

Kirsty Bashforth, chief business officer at Diaverum, said: “With this partnership, we aim to provide access to resources for the wellbeing of our own female staff worldwide, to advance health literacy for both men and women, enhance our inclusive work culture, and play our part in bringing menopause to the fore as a topic that deserves recognition, understanding and support.”