Consistently recognise employees with a culture of recognition

Author : Alexandra Powell, Director of Client Culture & Engagement at Reward Gateway

Recognition itself is a powerful topic in 2022. Our recent survey found that 85% of employees say it’s important employers enable recognition from peers and managers. Employees aren’t just hoping that their managers are good at recognition, they are expecting it as a part of their day-to-day working environment.

When we poll webinar attendees on which aspect of a recognition culture is a struggle, consistency always comes out at the top.

How can you knit together pockets of recognition into a company-wide plan in which employees are just as likely to get recognition, regardless of which department or location they work?

In working with clients around the world to ensure  they’re getting the usage and cultural results they want through our technology, consistency is always a priority. Because of the focus on consistency, we’ve found five approaches that our clients have taken to build their own consistent recognition culture across their organisation.

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