Busy Bees Benefits: Ways to Support Employee Well-being During Periods of Change

Positive and negative reactions can come from business change. For example, a mass employment drive is likely to increase workplace productivity and employee satisfaction, but redundancies will increase stress and reduce productivity.

With the UK now officially in a recession, it’s likely that businesses across the country will be going through some dramatic changes. If these changes are left unmanaged, it can affect morale, engagement and employee well-being.

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Three ways you can engage with your employees to support their health and well-being during periods of business change include:

  1. Communication: If you communicate effectively throughout your business change, employees are likely to feel respected and understood.
  2. Understanding the individual: The changes you make will affect people differently. It’s important that you engage with your employees on an individual basis.
  3. Supporting: Whether it’s through providing access to employee assistance programmes or listening to your employees, it’s important you support your workforce.

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