BGC, XPO and Northwell Health reward staff with appreciation bonuses

BGC, XPO and Northwell Health reward staff with appreciation bonus

Brookshire Grocery Company (BCG), XPO Logistics and Northwell Health have awarded employees appreciation bonuses. for their hard work during Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Texas-based supermarket retailer BGG is giving its 14,000 retail employees an additional special bonus instalment, equalling half a week’s pay. This is the second bonus paid to employees, with the first half a week’s pay being paid in March 2020. This is also in addition to a temporary pay increase for front-line employees of $1(81p) extra per hour, which is currently in place until 1 May 2020.

Meanwhile, healthcare provider Northwell Health is rewarding its employees with a payment of up to $2,500 (£2,026) and one extra week’s holiday that can be used at any time during their employment.

45,000 employees including nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, direct patient caregivers, environmental service staff, housekeepers and other key members of staff are eligible for this payment.

Additionally, Northwell Health is offering back-up childcare and temporary housing for front-line caregivers. The health service has also expanded programmes to care for employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, including greater access to internal digital support sessions.

The organisation has also launched an employee emotional resource centre to support employees and their loved ones who are experiencing stress and anxiety due to their experiences over the past six weeks. This service is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as via digital resources.

American transportation organisation XPO Logistics is launching a pay programme for nearly 40,000 employees in the US and Canada whose responsibilities require them to work on the front-line during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hourly employees will receive $2 (£1.62) per hour added to their regular hourly rate for all hours worked. Salaried employees will receive weekly payments ranging from $100 (£81) to $250 (£202), depending on their position. Field employees working in service centres within its less than truckload business unit, will receive a one-time bonus of $500 ($405) for all full-time employees and $250 (£202) for all part-time employees.

The organisation has also added pandemic paid sick leave to its existing paid leave policy. This offers employees up to two weeks of additional fully-paid sick leave during the pandemic.

Trent Brookshire, chief operating officer at BGC, said: “I am so incredibly proud of our amazing team that continues to serve our communities with unwavering commitment every day.

“Our retail partners have displayed such service and sacrifice the last five weeks. Despite the long hours, high demands and ongoing challenges on our business, our employees are showcasing our core values while serving our customers and communities.

“It is the right thing to do to give back to our partners as they have demonstrated grit, determination, commitment and care for our customers and communities over the past few weeks.”

Michael Dowling, president and chief executive at Northwell Health, added: “Our dedicated staff’s response to Coronavirus has been nothing short of heroic. Thanks to the courage and commitment of our front-line staff, we answered the call-in service to the patients and communities who entrust us with their care.”

“As an organisation, we want to continue to support, motivate and inspire our employees. We celebrate their wins, recognise their heroic work and amplify the outpouring of community support they are receiving for their courageous actions. We thank our board of trustees for its generous support of this important recognition programme.”

A spokesperson at XPO Logistics said: “We’re continuing to take a flexible approach to ensure that our benefit programmes align with the needs of our employees during this difficult time.”