Belfry Hotel and Resort launches staff mental health support

Warwickshire-based Belfry Hotel and Resort has introduced fully-funded, unlimited mental health counselling and support for its more than 800 employees as of this month.

Launched in collaboration with The Burnt Chef Project and Thrive Mental Wellbeing, Belfry employees can access resources to help with the prevention, early detection and self-management of common mental health conditions.

They have also been given access to the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app, allowing them to choose whether they want to interact and receive support from in-house therapists through video,  phone calls, or messaging.

Kris Hall, chief executive officer and founder of The Burnt Chef Project, and his team will deliver mental health training to all Belfry managers, who will also have access to a online training modules to help with their understanding.

According to the employer, it introduced this support as it recognised the impact and serious nature of mental health wellness on its staff, and to further its commitment to their wellbeing.

Kirsten Price, head of people at Belfry Hotel and Resort, said: “At The Belfry we want to continue our approach to supporting our teams while remaining an employer of choice, and our partnership with The Burnt Chef Project helps us do exactly that.

“The Burnt Chef Project is helping us as an industry to start those important conversations, change the way in which we talk about, and manage, mental health and help us make a real difference.

“We’re looking forward to launching a range of initiatives with The Burnt Chef Project that aim to build awareness while also educating and supporting our teams to ensure that they can remain healthier in the workplace.”

Hall said: “This support tool enables The Belfry to move to a proactive position so individuals in their team can be truly in control of their wellbeing. It’s a vital component of not just providing easy access to mental health services to their teams and improving workplace wellbeing but also providing critical support to the managers we will be training.”