American Golf launches points-based recognition scheme for 825 employees

Europe-based golf retailer American Golf has launched a new employee reward and recognition scheme for its 825 members of staff.

In December 2019, the organisation launched an e-card and points-based recognition programme, provided by Each Person, across its 99 European locations, as part of an effort to boost employee satisfaction and motivation.

The Each Person system allows organisations to reward and recognise teams for meeting goals and demonstrating behaviours aligned with business values. Managers can show their appreciation through e-cards to say thank you to team members, which can be paired with points, to be spent on products and experiences. American Golf also plans to use the e-cards and points system to recognise employees’ birthdays work anniversaries.

The system can also be used for peer-to-peer recognition; employees can thank fellow staff with an e-card, for example if they have helped out with extra work or covered shifts for them.

The launch of the scheme was announced to all employees via an email campaign, and aims to celebrate behaviours that fit with American Golf’s values of being happy at work, feeling proud to work, having fun, and feeling valued.

Through the programme, employees are given free membership to Each Person’s shopping platform, which provides discounts at various retailers, including John Lewis, Debenhams, Argos and Amazon. Points earned via the recognition scheme can be used towards purchases made through this platform. American Golf launched the programme in December, to allow staff to take advantage of these discounts ahead of Christmas.

Gary Favell, chief executive officer at American Golf, said: “Our employees exceed expectations and work hard daily. We wanted a platform that makes recognition and rewards easy. I believe recognition is a really important way to ensure we reward and provide tangible benefits to people that deserve and would find valuable. I can notice the positive impact it has had on the team. A simple thank-you e-card goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated.”