Alzheimer’s Society accredited as menopause friendly employer

Alzheimer’s SocietyCharity organisation Alzheimer’s Society has been recognised as a menopause friendly employer by the Menopause Friendly Accreditation independent panel.

Employers seeking accreditation show evidence of effective menopause support within their culture, policies and practices, training, engagement, facilities and evaluation. Employers must put in place policies, training and awareness protocols for all staff, address both physical and mental wellbeing considerations, and make practical changes to the workplace environment.

The society earned accreditation as a result of demonstrating an understanding that its partners, consumers and the wider community may be affected by the menopause, as well as those among its own workforce.

The employer implemented a perimenopause and menopause support guide, signposting to relevant resources for employees and managers, and a menopause passport to support discussion around reasonable adjustments. it also introduced personal wellness plans for those experiencing shorter, temporary changes to life circumstances that might affect wellbeing, and started a Menopause Matters network, which includes a dedicated Teams channel and Yammer group for members to share advice and support.

It was praised for its commitment to being menopause friendly at all levels of the senior management team, notably from the chief executive officer and HR director, its culture of embedding menopause into its overall wellbeing, equality and diversity communications and initiatives, and its cohesive training plan.

The Alzheimer’s Society also impressed the independent panel with the way its policies were brought to life and openly discussed, combining menopause and other long-term conditions that rely on open and trusting conversation, and the success of its strategy to use menopause friendly status to attract and recruit new employees to the organisation.

Corinne Mills, director of people at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “It’s fantastic to hear that Alzheimer’s Society has become a fully accredited menopause-friendly organisation. Our Menopause Matters network is a safe space for staff to share resources, talk openly about their experiences and host guest speakers. In the 14 months since we established this network, we’ve seen 170 new members, which is 10% of our workforce. We are so proud to have gained menopause friendly accreditation and to have our efforts recognised by the Menopause Friendly independent panel.”

Helen Normoyle, independent panel member for the Menopause Friendly Accreditation, added: “There is a culture of being open and inclusive and it’s great to see menopause embedded within their workplace both for colleagues and volunteers. Their menopause policy gives excellent suggestions for realistic workplace adjustments and support and they use a range of training and engagement methods to keep the education and awareness flowing.”