Airsorted introduces ‘pawternity leave’ for new pet owners

Airsorted Pawternity

Hosting management platform Airsorted understands that having to go out to work when caring for a new pet can be ruff, and has therefore introduced a new ‘pawternity leave’ scheme into its benefits package.

Airsorted was founded in 2015, and currently has 83 employees in various countries. The new benefit will be introduced for UK staff, based in London, Brighton, Bristol and Edinburgh.

The organisation cites research done variously by Statista, The Grocer and Scottish Widows Consumer Protection, which shows that the UK is home to over 51 million pets, and that 42% of British people fret about their animals’ health. The studies also note that people are willing to cut back on their own food in place of their pets’, and are more likely to insure their pets than themselves.

With pets evidently being a high priority for many UK employees, Airsorted has decided to allow its workers to spend up to one week working from home, to give them time to help new furry family members acclimatise.

James Jenkins-Yates, founder and CEO of Airsorted, says: “It takes time for animals to make themselves comfortable in new surroundings. Our ‘pawternity leave’ ensures that our employees have the flexibility and the support to look after their animals at this crucial stage. We’re particularly passionate about this initiative because we think that our employees, due to the great jobs they do, make ideal pet owners. They are patient, reliable, and natural problem solvers.”

We at Employee Benefits think that this does, indeed, sound like a ‘pawesome’ initiative!