A recognition moment: An interview with Sandra Garcia of General Motors

Meet Sandra Garcia
Global Compensation CoE (Center of Expertise) Lead for Global Strategic Initiatives – Global Recognition and Global Service Awards Programmes, General Motors. Sandra Garcia resides in Rosario, Argentina and has worked for General Motors (GM) for close to 21 years.

As GM’s Global Compensation Lead for Global Strategic Initiatives, Sandra is highly regarded as a thought leader in global recognition and global service awards programmes and responsible for leading the subject from beginning to end.

We want to take a moment to recognise Sandra for her accomplishments in employee engagement. Read on to discover invaluable insight from Sandra as she answers a series of questions, providing advice for fellow HR professionals and sharing her personal story. 

About GM’s Recognition Programme
GM’s employee recognition programme, powered by Achievers, caters to 68,000 employees across 26 countries. Since launch, the programme has set the record for most activations in the first day of programme launch in Achievers history. GM has seen huge success, including 96% activation, 63% monthly active users and 67.9% recognition coverage.

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