Zurich UK offers 4,500 employee free Covid-19 antibody test

Zurich UK offers 4,500 employee free antibody test

Insurance organisation Zurich is offering all of its 4,500 UK employees a free antibody test, after a recent survey of its employees found that 95% of staff would like to to be tested.

As well as in the UK, the test which was piloted in Switzerland, is being rolled-out in all countries that the business operates in. However, it is not mandatory for employees to take the test or disclose their results. Zurich is also extending the benefit to include employees’ partners and any family members over 18 years old.

Throughout the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the organisation is also offering its UK employees free access to the wellbeing Calm app, access to a £750 emergency loan and the option to sell bank holidays. The business has also offered employees the option to reduce their pension sacrifice, purchase free office equipment and buy subsidised childcare vouchers for £1.

Whether or not these tests are going to be tax-free, Zurich will be picking up this tax bill so employees will not be financially impacted.

John Keppel, chief operating officer at Zurich UK, said: “It’s not surprising that our survey sample showed up to 95% of Zurich UK’s 4,500 employees expressed an interest in receiving this test so we intend to make them secure and easily available. We have chosen Bupa as a reputable and trusted provider. They will be administering approved antibody testing on our behalf.

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“In the short-term, Zurich isn’t committing to any levels of return to office occupancy, instead choosing to align with government guidelines and industry best practice. As social distancing restrictions are reduced, we will, in turn, ensure our customer needs are incorporated in our office occupancy levels. At this point, we remain largely home-based as a workforce.”