Kavitha Sivasubramaniam: Supporting employees’ health

Kavitha's keynote

As our Health Week, in association with Benenden, draws to a close, it is time to reflect on some of the trends and issues currently shaping this area of the benefits market.

Supporting employees with health-related issues can make the world of difference to individuals in times of need, as well as result in significant benefits for the organisation itself. After all, improved employee health often means reduced absences and therefore increased productivity.

What can sometimes be a challenge for employers, however, is how to meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce, where individuals have varying health and wellbeing concerns. To ensure their programmes are successful and minimise adverse effects on engagement and productivity, organisations must recognise and address the specific requirements of today’s diverse workforce.

Supporting staff with long-term health conditions in particular involves taking a universal approach to discussing working structures, and flexibility and tailoring are important. With an estimated one in three people living with cancer in the UK being of working age, this is a prime example of why employers must ensure their culture offers the type of assistance that will have a positive impact on these individuals’ lives.

Women’s wellbeing in the workplace is another issue that has recently gained prominence, with the effects of the menopause becoming a particular focus of corporate agendas. The benefits of implementing initiatives such as an employee assistance programme and offering line manager training around the physical and psychological symptoms are slowly being recognised by today’s employers.

Whatever stage your organisation is at with its health strategy, Health Week was designed to help take this to the next level through exclusive insights and opinions uncovering best practice in this area. These included:

Kavitha Sivasubramaniam
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