Vivid closes median gender pay gap

Vivid gender pay gapAffordable homes and support services provider Vivid has closed its median gender pay gap, falling to 0% from 13.5%.

It reduced its 2023 mean gender pay gap by 14.6% points to just 0.5%. This is due to its rigorous set of benchmarked salaries for each role, its commitment to rewarding and paying staff fairly, and making sure there is no workforce divide.

Furthermore, Vivid’s mean bonus pay gap stands at £728.27, or 38.9%, and its median bonus pay gap is at £970.19, or 47.9%. A total of 96.2% of men and 95.3% of women received a bonus.

The provider has two bonus schemes: one for repairs operatives based on customer satisfaction that enables them to earn up to 6% of their average basic pay per annum, and a non-contractual corporate one based on organisational performance. As the majority of trade operatives are male, this accounts for a bigger bonus gap between men and women.

Meanwhile, Vivid’s 2022 median ethnicity pay gap fell from 4.7% to 4.3%, with white employees earning an average £17.05 an hour and ethnic minorities staff earning £16.31 per hour.

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Duncan Short, group resources director at Vivid said: “We know that we still have some improvements to make in terms of hiring more women into certain roles. For example, there are far fewer women working in our trade roles, but through our inclusive recruitment and unconscious bias training we want to ensure we’re hiring as many women as we can into these roles. We currently have 15 (22%) women in trade management roles.

“Having a 0% gender pay gap is something we feel is a great achievement. In addition, we have made real progress in closing our ethnicity pay gap to 4.3%. While it’s not mandatory to disclose pay on ethnicity grounds, we continue to believe it remains the right thing to share. We’ll keep promoting our inclusive culture and ensure that Vivid remains a great place to work.”