Virtual Doctors: the effect of Covid on Digital Healthcare

Prior to 2020, the popularity and use of Virtual GP services and Digital Healthcare had been growing steadily within global employee benefits packages. In some ways, this was in line with the gradual increase of web and video technology, and only slowed by the hesitation of people to engage with new and unknown approaches.

Then 2020 happened! Very few people could have foreseen how the year would turn out. With lockdowns leaving half the workforce working remotely, and family gatherings held on Zoom, even those who were not accustomed to things like Facetime were forced into the digital space for both social and work events, including the occasional unintended work meeting appearance by a family member! With lockdowns and restrictions on in-person meetings, not to mention health services pushed to their limits, GP appointments have become a challenge for non-urgent care. In this new era of online and virtual services, it is no surprise that virtual GP services have transitioned to a more familiar and necessary benefit to employees.

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