Top tips to keep employee morale high

The  impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt globally. One of the ways it is having an impact is by forcing people to work remotely. This can result in staff feeling more isolated or anxious, which is a concern for responsible employers and can result in lower productivity across the workforce. Fortunately, technology solutions are available which can help businesses to respond to this challenge.

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At Achievers, we’ve put together the below top tips to help combat this threat, which businesses can begin to implement:

  • Rollout inter-departmental communication channels: This is an important source of innovation, but it can easily be lost when staff are working remotely.
  • Implement channels for your teams to share their feedback: Giving people a voice, helps to make them feel more in control, reducing any frustration and improving productivity.
  • Encourage breaks: Businesses should encourage employees to take breaks throughout their workday. Employees may have childcare or other domestic responsibilities that they need to juggle during this period, so it’s important to remove any stigma associated with presenteeism, so they don’t feel they must be continually online.
  • Put recognition front and centre: Employee recognition is a high-impact strategy that is proven to motivate workers, helping them to remain positive about their work and connected to the businesses’ goals. A recognition platform shines a light on all the contributions that are being made by employees, helping to keep morale high during these challenging times.

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