Three tools for supporting employee resilience

As a leader in your organisation, you can make a real difference to your employees by implementing the right wellbeing solution. But because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, you need to find out what your employees most value. This may not be the same as pre-pandemic, as the recent experience is likely to have shifted priorities.

Employees are now more likely to value ease of access to GPs and mental health support given the current strains on the health service. They are now also more likely to be receptive to health and wellbeing support and communications from their employer.

The evidence for engagement is unequivocal. Companies find time and again that when they engage employees, their scores against measures such as enjoying work, intending to stay, recommending as a great place to work, all see improvement. It is key to provide employees with convenient tools designed for everyday healthcare needs that are valued. All of this, in turn, translates into better business results.

Now we’ll consider three health benefits options available to strengthen employee resilience. While these alone don’t form a complete health and wellbeing strategy, they can be a key piece in the jigsaw of a wider solution. These include health checks, health cash plans, and new self-help digital apps.

Health Checks

Ideal for all businesses, this diagnostic –which employees book online and happens at their place of work –gives each employee an overview of their general health and helps identify potential risks or areas for improvement. This means they are better informed of their own health and can seek early support. Tests can range from body mass index, body fat, visceral fat, metabolic rate, hydration, bone mass, blood pressure, total cholesterol, blood glucose, nutrition review, lifestyle review and mental health signposting. Bolt-ons can be added to the core screening programme for over-40s or companies can choose upgrades to enable more thorough checks for disease.

Health Cash Plans

These are a type of health insurance where employees claim money back for costs associated with everyday healthcare, such as dental, optical, and physio treatments. There are usually a range of employer and employee paid plans to choose from, and some providers allow

businesses to build their own plan. They’re as affordable as a business wants to make them. The different levels of plan can be tailored and companies can offer as much as they like, starting at a base level. Employees can clearly see the value of the benefit as it’s an affordable and flexible way to manage their healthcare costs.

Digital Platforms

These affordable yet comprehensive digital wellbeing apps have many attractive features for businesses. They give employees access to a range of physical and mental health services via a single interface, available on any digital device. Functionality usually includes the ability to book GP, physio and counselling appointments.

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They also provide access to lifestyle assessments for users that give employers and employees a benchmark of their health and wellbeing. On top of this, some platforms signpost employees to various forms of content to encourage them to make positive lifestyle changes, giving them more ownership and the flexibility to self-manage their health and wellbeing.

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