The benefits of a healthy workplace for employers

Health and wellness has become a priority on the corporate agenda with companies realising the benefits of implementing wellness initiatives. Incorpore recognises that healthy employees are good for business therefore we have launched a new wellness proposition. Your Wellness Hub is a collaboration of some of the key wellness providers in the UK. There is a wide range of wellness solutions on offer and we can tailor your company’s programme to meet the needs of your employees.

Incorpore believes that every employee in the British Isles should have a company organised fitness and wellbeing programme as healthy employees are more productive and more profitable.

A wellness programme can benefit your workplace in multiple ways:

Reduced absenteeism
An unhealthy workforce costs the UK taxpayer £60 billion [1] and over 137 million working days are lost per year due to sickness or injury [2]. A healthy workforce means healthier employees and in turn less sickness-related absences. Investing in health and wellness initiatives can help to reduce absenteeism by creating a good working environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle with wellness workshops or lifestyle assessments, educating staff about health issues through a health calendar and providing healthy snacks.

Increased employee engagement
Employees spend a significant time at work over the course of their lives and a disengaged workforce is an unproductive workforce. Publicly recognising employees for their contributions and achievements will demonstrate that they are appreciated and are doing a good job.  Rewarding your staff with office massages, office reflexology, office aromatherapy or office yoga will help them to relax, relieve stress and highlight you care about their wellness. 

Improved workplace morale
The average time British people sit per day is 8.9 hours [3] and if they are snowed under with work, spending nearly 9 hours at their desk can lower morale. Organising team outings such as group workouts or Walkfit classes during a lunch break will encourage staff to leave the office, boost morale and provide employees with fun team building time.

Greater business capacity to thrive
A wellness programme demonstrates a sustainable business practice and will reflect well on the company as happy and healthy employees will promote a positive company image. A happy business with a good image is more likely to attract talent and retain staff, meaning the company will be more successful.