Surrey Fire and Rescue Service rolls out wellbeing app for staff

Surrey Fire and Rescue Services has announced the roll out of a wellbeing and fitness app for staff which is specifically aimed at supporting those who are working remotely from their colleagues and helps them reduce stress.

The fire service began rolling out the ClassPass app in March, which gives members access to a network of fitness and wellbeing experiences. The app mainly equips workers with flexible fitness and wellbeing solutions that help combat problems they might have with their physical and mental health.

With the roll out of the app complete, fire workers now get access to ClassPass’s corporate progamme, which can be accessed at work or at home.

According to Danni Lamaignere, strategic people and organisational development lead at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, the app will specifically help those who work anti-social hours and give health options to those that can’t attend day-time scheduled fitness events.

She said: “During Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we wanted to provide our staff with a way of keeping fit and enjoying it at the same time. This app does just that. A large amount of our staff work irregular hours, so it’s great to be using a programme that gives our staff access to fitness 24/7 around a schedule that suits the individual.”