Stantec engages employees with user-friendly benefits platform

Design and delivery organisation Stantec has used an online benefits portal for around 12 years. Over that time, this has progressed from being a simple, page-based information site to a customisable, flexible and interactive platform.

Sam Kitteringham, UK employee benefits manager, says: “An employee benefit platform has to be something that allows employees quick and easy access to clear and user-friendly information, facilitates simple navigation, and enables selecting a benefits package to be easy and hassle free.”

Provided by Broadstone, the solution has been branded for the organisation as ‘myChoice’. The current platform was introduced in late 2017, in time for employees to select their benefits for the next year.

While the system impressed with its ease of implementation and self-explanatory format, Stantec still made sure to communicate the changes with its employees to ensure maximum take-up: “We took the opportunity to inform our employees of the change and to familiarise them with how to use the new site during our annual benefits presentations, delivered via Skype,” says Kitteringham.

While the flexibility offered within the programme itself provides a tailored approach aimed at engaging individual employees, Stantec is also able to specifically drill down into certain areas to boost take-up.

“If we spot that a particular benefit is not being viewed, we can send email communications through the site, which can contain tailored content and be sent to a tailored audience,” explains Kitteringham. “For example, we can communicate just with pension scheme members if the message only applies to them.”

There are currently just over 900 employee accounts on the site, in addition to approximately 2,000 accounts for deferred members of the pension scheme. During the last annual benefit selection opportunity, 81.5% of benefit receivers accessed the platform, demonstrating a high level of engagement.