Siemens rewards employees with €1,000 bonus

Siemens rewards employees with €1,000 bonus

Global technology organisation Siemens is rewarding its employees with a special one-time bonus to recognise them for their hard work during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Over 300,000 employees globally, except for senior managers, will receive up to €1,000 (£899) in a one-time payment. The new bonus, paid to employees by the end of the year, will total €200 million (£179 million). The specific amount paid to employees will be adjusted separately for each country based on the World Bank’s independent Purchasing Power Parity Index.

This is part of Siemens commitment to being a responsible and caring employer during uncertain times. The organisation in July 2020 introduced a new remote-working policy, allowing employees to choose their own remote working pattern.

Joe Kaeser, chief executive at Siemens AG, said: “The months behind us presented a huge challenge for our organisation, too. And together, we have mastered it comparatively well. By making this one-time special payment, the managing board is underscoring its appreciation for our employees’ extraordinary performance and dedication under the most difficult conditions.

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the employees who are now still tirelessly going the extra mile and are helping to keep Siemens on a successful trajectory.”