Reddit introduces remote-working policy

Reddit introduces remote-working policy

US social news aggregation organisation Reddit has enhanced its remote-working policy to give employees more flexibility over where they work. 

Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the majority of employees at Reddit have already adopted a remote-working pattern. Due to its success, the organisation has extended this giving employees the option to either work remotely permanently, five days a week from one of its six offices, or a combination of both options. 

However, permanent remote working is up to the discretion of individual line managers and employees that work in teams, such as facilities or information technology support, will need to remain office-based.

Reddit is also revamping its office design to align with these changes. Employees that choose to work in the office will have a creative and collaborative space, and fixed desk space will be replaced with a bookable, casual seating arrangement.

Additionally, the organisation will be restructuring employees’ salaries in the US to bring them in line with its international offices’ pay structures. Employees will now be paid based on their job rather than their location.

A spokesperson at Reddit said: “Looking ahead, we want to meet the needs of our employees so they can do their best work, especially in a time of uncertainty. And as we deliver on our mission of creating belonging for everyone in the world, we want Reddit to be positioned as a workforce that is as diverse as its ecosystem of communities and users. 

“As our employees become more distributed, we will have many learnings about the impact of this model on our performance as a business. We will not be afraid to continuously adapt and evolve our workforce philosophies, programmes, and processes. 2020 is an unprecedented year, and we strongly believe that for the foreseeable future, providing flexible work arrangements to our current and future staff is the right thing to do for Reddit.”