Dr Keith Grimes shares his personal experiences of reaching a point of occupational burnout. With a focus on the importance of nurturing a culture of openness, Dr Grimes breaks the stigma, encouraging others to seek support and sharing what helped him on his journey back to health.

The Truth about Burnout

Burnout can be a very strange and lonely place.

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When I was invited to write a foreword for Sodexo Engage’s latest workplace benefits survey, I was eager to dig into it and better understand how those working in the healthcare sector were taking care of themselves. I hoped things had moved on in the past few years, especially in light of the pandemic and the growing pressures on our workforce. At first, I was surprised that, despite there being a wide range of different benefits out there, we don’t seem to be making full use of them. Then again, when you’re suffering from burnout, you can be peculiarly resistant to recognising what is happening and asking for help.

In this blog, we take a look at: the truth about burnout, reaching burnout, recovering from burnout, and communication: breaking the stigma.