Post Malone leaves restaurant employee a $3,000 tip

Post Malone tip
Credit: Delmiro Junior /

Something for the weekend: A waitress based in America has posted online praise of rapper and singer Post Malone, who left her a $3,000 (£2,426) tip at the end of his meal.

Sharing her surprise at the tip on Reddit, the waitress explained that the US musician spent $3,472.50 (£2,829), including tax and a 20% service charge, in the restaurant alongside his tip. She said that he made sure to treat the service staff to a cash gift before leaving the restaurant.

The employee, Reddit user SpecialistCorgi, wrote on the Serverlife thread: “Post Malone is a wonderful person and a great tipper. Been serving nearly 20 years and by far the best tip I have ever received. Such a genuine and cool dude. This begs the question. Which celebrities have you served that were really generous? Any surprisingly cheap celebrities?”

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One user replied, stating: “I was working at a place that did a pooled house. Post Malone came in with a group, and we all made rent that night. Thanks Posty!”

This led to further discussion of other celebrities doing good deeds, with another user adding: “Paris Hilton came to my local mall to promote her perfume years ago. You could purchase the perfume, and she’d take a photo with you and sign it. Me and my group of friends came to see her, but none of us could afford the perfume, so we just cheered from behind the barricade. Toward the end of the event, she eventually called us up to the stage and took a photo with us, printed a copy for everyone, and signed each. It was very sweet.”

This sounds like a very generous tip to us here at Employee Benefits. It must have really boosted the employee’s wellbeing!