Poll: 43% offer flexible working to support male employees with caring responsibilities

male carers

Employee Benefits poll: More than two-fifths (43%) of respondents offer male employees flexible working opportunities in order to support them with caring responsibilities.

A straw poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 21 responses, also found that 24% of respondents promote a family-friendly organisational culture to help support male staff with their caring commitments, while 14% provide enhanced paternity leave or pay.

One in 10 (10%) of respondents do not offer anything to support men with caring responsibilities, and a further 10% provide alternative measures to support.

The Equal Lives report, published in September 2018 and commissioned by Business in the Community (BITC) and Santander UK, found that 66% of men would make use of family-friendly policies offered by their employers, such as flexible working and shared parental leave, if they were confident that spending more time on caring responsibilities would not have an impact on their career prospects. A further 48% of male respondents aged under 35 said they do not take shared parental leave because they cannot afford to reduce their earnings.

The research also found that 56% of working men with children or other family responsibilities would prefer to be more involved as carers.

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