Offering group critical illness cover to employees

Group critical illness cover (GCIC) provides your employees with a financial safety net should they be diagnosed with a serious illness or suffer serious injury. Paid as a lump sum, the benefit provides sick employees with financial flexibility to pay for anything they need, for example, support with bills, home alterations or treatment costs.

As one of the fastest-growing benefits in the market, it's clearly in high demand and one that can be cost effective.

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GCIC can improve the recovery time for employees who are seriously ill by giving financial support, which may allow access to faster treatment pathways. It could also help to fund any home adaptations that an employee may need to make when suffering with a long-term illness.

Offering GCIC shows a company cares about their employees’ wellbeing. Employees that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to remain with a company, while new talent is attracted to companies that demonstrate such values.