Impartial, global financial education for all. For employees, customers, members and, well, anyone – anywhere.

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About Us

nudge is an impartial, global financial education for all. Drawing on behavioral psychology and data, our platform offers personalized, engaging financial knowledge and skills to educate and delight anyone. A global solution that is unaffiliated with conflicting financial products, our inclusive approach is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

How does nudge work? 

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nudges: When there’s something you need to know, or a financial action you ought to take, we send you a personalized, timely nudge to remind you to do it.

Financial education feed: A personalized feed full of bite-sized financial education posts and snackable articles, all curated to circumstance and interests.

Tools: Our interactive tools help you plan, prepare and organize your finances from the unexpected to the expected.

Stories: Step inside our library of dynamic financial learning stories, created to help you achieve what you want in life. It could be buying a home, saving for a holiday, or getting out of debt.

Financial health checkup: Our financial health checkup helps your people to understand where they’re thriving and where there’s room for improvement. Your people will get an instant score with a plan of recommended financial education stories and articles to help them improve their financial health over time.

Why is nudge the preferred provider by 300+ global clients?

With nudge, you can measure success against two distinct areas – financial wellness and targeted benefit campaigns. Firstly, nudge will improve financial wellbeing through impartial education by:

  • Recognizing financial health challenges. Have employees saved enough for their future? Do they truly understand the cost of borrowing? Unlock the needs of your people, and offer personalized financial education to guide them through any unexpected financial challenges.
  • Realizing employee financial goals. Focus on the day-to-day and it’s easy to forget the future. Marriage, first homes, or sustainability, our data and insights can help you spot the common financial goals that matter to your people. This insight can inform your employee benefits offering.
  • Supporting employee communities and groups. Managing money can feel isolating. With nudge, you can open this conversation for employees to connect. From women in money to early careers, we bring the right people to join the conversation through personalized education and masterclasses.

And it doesn’t stop there – your team can initiate targeted benefit campaigns that are designed to promote:

  • Awareness: With more and more benefits for the many, and for the few, our nudges can communicate your full benefits package, or focus on a relevant benefit for a specific audience.
  • Understanding: The world of money can be filled with jargon. We’re here to simplify and educate your people, no matter their background or financial literacy level. When they understand, they act.
  • Instigate action: We’ve built the latest technology to ‘nudge’ the right person at the right time for all of the right reasons. With our data at your fingertips, you can increase engagement with your benefits offerings and wellbeing initiatives. When they act, they’re rewarded.

Want to learn more about how you can improve financial wellbeing, drive benefits uptake, and strengthen your employer brand? Get in touch with the nudge team and tell us what challenge you’re facing right now.

Our Products:

nudge for employees

Impartial financial wellbeing solution, accessible to your full workforce.

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Improve employee financial wellbeing and drive uptake of total reward through financial education and personalized, timely communication.

With nudge your business will experience:

  • 3X Reduction in employee financial stress
  • 2X Increase in employee financial confidence
  • 1.4X Average increase in employee benefits understanding

70% of people feel anxious about their financial situation. By tackling anxiety through knowledge that empowers people to act and take control, you can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

A nudge in the right direction

Powered by behavioral psychology and data, timely notifications drive employees to take action on their personal finance. As a result, users can be 15% better off at saving and 23% more likely to have a budget.

Communications to drive action

Our dedicated client success team ensures successful implementation and optimization of nudge, in line with your culture and internal strategy. Communication toolkits take employees on a journey of awareness, ensuring continued use of the platform.

Data you’ll actually use

Get access to critical data with nudgenomics. These insights will inform your wellbeing and employee benefit strategy, delivering programs your people really want, and need. Plus, easily measure employee financial wellbeing improvements with the financial health checkup.

Global money masterclasses

Our 5-star rated trainers deliver accessible money masterclasses for all employees, and stakeholder training on personal finance. Session content is aligned with your wellbeing strategy and tailored to your organization, whilst also promoting your wider reward and benefits program.

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