New Look implements HR and payroll processes platform

New Look HR payroll
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Fashion retailer New Look has introduced a cloud human capital management platform to unify its HR and payroll processes for its workforce.

Through a partnership with global human capital management firm Dayforce, the retailer will be able to provide a modern employee experience for its more than 8,500 staff and seasonal workers during busy holiday periods through a communications system that delivers timely updates and allows them to find help and information faster.

They will also be able to access their earned wages on demand through the Dayforce Wallet function to give them more control over their finances and choose the right benefits plan for their life goals.

New Look will additionally be able to manage its employees on the go with Dayforce Mobile, easily manage employee records, streamline scheduling and workforce management, build a better benefits experience, maintain compliance in an evolving regulatory environment and support future growth.

The employer has partnered with Accenture to implement the Dayforce platform across its operations.

The platform was implemented because New Look wanted a comprehensive solution to unify the employee experience across its brick-and-mortar stores, ecommerce and fulfilment. It also wanted to provide a mobile-first, self-serve experience for its workforce, and differentiate itself as an employer of choice in a competitive labour market.

Lisa Nash, head of people services at New Look, said: “Real-time calculations made possible by Dayforce will revolutionise how we do payroll and provide valuable data and analytics to help us manage a complex workforce of full-time, part-time and seasonal workers across hundreds of retail stores and warehouse facilities. We wanted to create a great [employee] experience. With Dayforce we will provide a modern, seamless, flexible HR and pay system that not only meets our needs today, but also in the years ahead.”