Natalia Doxopoulos: How can employers incorporate events like Pride into staff support strategies?

The diversity and authenticity of our people is part of what makes Vertex unique. We recognise that each employee brings diverse perspectives and strengths, and, by embracing those strengths, we inspire innovation together. We have developed a special culture of inclusion and innovation where all employees are respected and celebrated for who they are.

We believe that supporting employees goes beyond medical programmes, because each Vertexian requires a unique approach to their personal wellbeing and sense of belonging. At Vertex, we support our employees by providing spaces where communities can come together to explore their unique needs, leverage professional development opportunities and empower individuals to be their authentic selves in the workplace. Our global Employee Resource Networks foster that connectivity and collaboration. These employee-led groups strengthen community and belonging within Vertex across functions, levels and locations.

Those groups include Inspiring Women in Leadership and Learning (IWILL) for women and allies, Pride for LGBTQ+ employees and allies, Vertex Includes Boundless Ethnicities (Vibe) for employees from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and allies, and Brave for veterans and first responders.

Events like Pride help us amplify the voices, insights and experiences of our colleagues from traditionally underrepresented groups. It is one of many occasions allowing our employees to get together, share their stories, celebrate their differences and learn how to become better allies. And that should not be limited to one day, week or month, especially if we want to drive change and make our organisation, our communities and the world more inclusive.

We organise events throughout the year to help our employees raise awareness, share knowledge and create networking and professional development activities, globally and regionally in our local offices. Whether it is a speaking event, a lunch-and-learn session, a panel discussion or a visit to a local charitable organisation, there is always great engagement across the whole organisation.

Natalia Doxopoulos is compensation associate director at Vertex Pharmaceuticals