EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Perkins to discuss future-proofing reward at Employee Benefits Live

Stephen PerkinsProfessor Stephen Perkins of London Metropolitan University will explain key points for HR, reward and benefits professionals to consider when future-proofing a reward strategy at Employee Benefits Live 2016.

During the session, titled Future-proofing your reward strategy on the first day of the event, Perkins will draw on his own research and experiences, giving practical advice on how to develop a flexible and adaptable policy that can adjust with the changing times.

He will also discuss the value of data analytics to help align an employer’s strategy with employees’ wants and needs, highlighting how this systematic method can help organisations reap a return on investment in benefits.

Perkins will also debate the notion of organisational justice, warning that social and political factors can have a hand in how an organisation structures its reward framework, for example, the consequences of Brexit. He will discuss the importance of adapting through short-term fluctuations and that a successful strategy is so much more than just monetary reward.

Perkins said: “An organisation, to future-proof, to be able to avoid obsolescence and to maintain flexibility in changing times, it would really need to know its people and I think that can’t be stressed too much.

“It’s all too easy for somebody to come along with a really bright idea about how to offer reward and benefits only to find that actually, it doesn’t really align with the expectations that people have or indeed the value sets, so it’s far more than just the economics.

“I do think that we can help people involved in managing reward and pay and benefits ask better questions, [be] mindful of the alternatives that they have [and] get closer to getting the results they want rather than the unplanned for consequences that do more harm than good.”

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Employee Benefits Live will take place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October 2016 at Olympia National, London.

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