EXCLUSIVE: Allen and Overy to discuss auto-re-enrolment at Employee Benefits Live

Jane Higgins Allen and Overy

EXCLUSIVE: Law firm Allen and Overy will share case studies and practical information about pensions auto-re-enrolment at Employee Benefits Live 2016.

Jane Higgins (pictured), partner at Allen and Overy, will deliver a session entitled ‘Auto-re-enrolment: are you ready?’ on Tuesday 11 October as part of the two-day event’s¬†workplace pensions conference stream.

The session will detail the mechanics of what organisations need to do in the run up to their auto-re-enrolment date, considering the data that needs to be captured to ensure that all employees, including new starters and those who have joined the organisation through mergers and acquisitions, are included in the auto-re-enrolment process.

Higgins will also outline the issues that employers who are thinking about redesigning their scheme will need to consider, such as how they would consult on making changes and what might be involved in the consultation process.

Delegates attending the session can also gain insight into the most up-to-date information requirements and timelines that organisations should be aware of.

Higgins said: “[Auto-re-enrolment] a statutory requirement so people have to do it. It’s incredibly complicated so it’s very easy to get it wrong. The regulator is taking a more active approach to non-compliance, so I think there is a risk that if [organisations] get it wrong, the regulator will issue a fine or make a public statement about [the organisation] having got it wrong, so there’s a definite risk for [organisations if] they’re perceived to not be providing the benefits that they are supposed to be providing for their employees.

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‚ÄúPrepare early for re-enrolment. If [an employer is] coming up to re-enrolment then it‚Äôs not going to be the same as when [it was done] the first time, so [employers] should be planning several months in advance.‚ÄĚ

Employee Benefits Live 2016 will take place on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October at Olympia National, London. Register to attend here.