Luxury hotel chain seeks professional vacationist

Image credit: Vidanta

Something for the weekend: Luxury hotel chain Vidanta is looking for a professional vacationist to test drive its six Mexican beach-based hotels over a one-year placement.

Individuals searching for a role with generous work-life balance perks will be hard-pressed to find an better opportunity than this role at Vidanta; the organisation’s website advert defines the position as the “world’s best job”.

The successful candidate will have to relocate to some of Mexico’s famed beaches for the year-long post, and will be required to experience the luxury, art, culture, history, food and entertainment at the hotel brand’s sites in Acapulco, Los Cabos, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Penasco, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya.

On-the-job training is included with the unique position; over the course of the 12 months, the winning candidate will be trained as Vidanta’s ‘ambassador for happiness’ and learn how to become a social influencer for the various resorts.

The selected candidate will be kept busy with a gruelling task list. This includes sampling VIP access at DJ sets, ushering baby turtles into the ocean, learning to salsa dance, seeing every sunset, checking every resort’s pool water temperature, learning new recipes from Michelin star chefs, naming blow-up pool animals, having a pair of sunglasses for every occasion, testing luxury spa treatments and developing a karaoke repertoire.

The professional vacationist will also have the opportunity to participate in whale shark swim-alongs and golfing games, as well as determine the optimum number of hours for pool-side lounging.

Vidanta requires its professional vacationist to be good at talking to people and getting fellow holiday-makers on board with activities and events. The chosen candidate will also need to document their journey via social media, help brainstorm new creative approaches to campaigns and be able to stay on top of trends, technologies and other influencers.

Applicants with sales and marketing experience, who are well-organised, have great time management skills and who display charismatic, sunny vibes will be preferred.

Interested? Individuals can apply online until 21 October, being sure to explain why they would be great in this job role. Vidanta emphasises that video applications are also an advantage. After a series of video or phone interviews, the official professional vacationist will be announced via social media on 1 November 2018.

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this role would be idyllic for creating optimum employee wellbeing, with the biggest possible bugbear being too much sand between our toes. We do wonder, however, whereabouts in our bikinis we would keep our new business cards…