EXCLUSIVE: Jadu gains living wage accreditation


EXCLUSIVE: Technology and creative services organisation Jadu has been accredited as a living wage employer by the Living Wage Foundation.

The Leicester-based organisation has committed to paying its 80 permanent employees, as well as any third-party contractors, at least the voluntary living wage rate of £8.75 an hour.

Jadu decided to implement the living wage for its staff to set a best practice example as an employer and to align with its organisational values. These include pledges to conduct honest business, never over-promise, deliver high quality software, design with standards, semantics and with end users in mind, service customer needs before Jadu’s own to make better customers, generate wealth and create mutual trust and respect.

The organisation formally received its accreditation on 30 August 2018.

The living wage is an independently set hourly rate of pay that is calculated according to the basic costs of living. Employers pay the living wage rate, which is updated annually, on a voluntary basis. The living wage is currently set at £8.75 an hour for employees working across the UK and at £10.20 an hour for staff based in London. The higher London living wage reflects the increased living costs associated with residing in the capital.

The voluntary living wage is distinct from the statutory national living wage, which is paid to employees aged 25 and over. The national living wage rate is currently set at £7.83 an hour.

Suraj Kika, chief executive officer and founder at Jadu, said: “We really believe in equality and ensuring our people are taken care of as much as is within our means. It’s the right thing to do and it’s good for business.

“Not only do positive work conditions help attract and retain staff, but being accredited as a living wage employer is seen as a positive by others, in the same way that we now look for it in our suppliers. We want to set the example and also live up to our values as [an organisation].”