Employee Benefits Live: Vodafone focuses on employee engagement

Vodafone has increased its focus on employee engagement and communications to enhance employees’ experience of its flexible benefits scheme.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live 2011, Alissa Davis UK reward manager at Vodafone, explained how, following a staff survey in 2011, the telecommunications firm realised there was a lack of understanding and awareness among employees of the benefits available to them through flex.

Feedback from the surveys led to the introduction of a more simplified flexible benefits website and enrolment process, as well as segmented communications to target Vodafone’s different working populations, which ranges from retail employees to engineers and head office staff.

The new communications included the use of quick response (QR) codes on posters displayed in staff rooms. Davis said the QR codes will be key to reaching the retail staff because many do not have access to computers during work time.

Since launching flexible benefits in 2007, Vodafone has continually assessed its offering and made changes to ensure it is up to date and relevant to employees. In 2010, the firm realised that the uptake of flex was not what it expected it to be, and so it introduced e-cards and a URL to give employees more information and easy access to their benefits scheme.

Davis explained that optimising the employee experience is key for Vodafone: “We need to make sure that we are doing the right thing for our employee groups, not just offering flex because we should.”

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