Atkin and Co launches online pensions tool

Atkin and Co have launched a virtual pensions manager and document storage tool called SchemeHub.

The web-based programme allows managers and trustees to access scheme documents immediately, review action points from meetings and monitor progress. It also provides assistance to the administration function with email reminders for tasks such as pension increases, members reaching retirement, and accounts preparation to ensure important items are scheduled.

Marian Elliott, director of Atkin and Co, said: “Research among clients and comments from those in the industry revealed that pensions managers and consultants were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with, and properly track, all secretarial duties relating to their scheme management.

“With so much else to think about and focus on, we believed it was important to get a basic process in place in a clear, efficient and systematic way to allow pensions managers and trustees to manage their schemes better and concentrate on the bigger issues.”

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